Official petition for Emma Approved Season 2



For all those who agree that one season is not enough and who just cannot say goodbye to these characters just yet.

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Technically we did 3 seasons, so we would be asking for a season 4 or another year of shooting… But I’m in :)

Technicalities! Either way WE WANT MORE!

Also, wow and thank you for being my favourite Mr Knightley!

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I think somebody punched Kensi in the face, it looks like she has a split lip (or herpes)… NO CHICK FIGHT PLEASE!!

She had that during the Show N Share week interview. I think it’s just a fever blister or zit because it…

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Clue: the Emma Approved Edition

"Emma Woodhouse has the best of intentions when it comes to being a lifestyle coach, but her crazy matchmaking tendencies leave everyone wondering if maybe she’s a bit…clueless."

The object of the game remains the same as the original, but instead of solving a murder, players attempt to discover who Emma is trying to set up, and where she plans to do it.

To read the modified rules and download the game, click here.

To see my Lizzie Bennet Diaries monopoly game, click here.


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❝ I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough.
I have become rather fearful I suppose.   (via vivaziva)
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❝ Most writers were the kids who easily, almost automatically, got A’s in English class. (There are exceptions, but they often also seem to be exceptions to the general writerly habit of putting off writing as long as possible.) At an early age, when grammar school teachers were struggling to inculcate the lesson that effort was the main key to success in school, these future scribblers gave the obvious lie to this assertion. Where others read haltingly, they were plowing two grades ahead in the reading workbooks. These are the kids who turned in a completed YA novel for their fifth-grade project. It isn’t that they never failed, but at a very early age, they didn’t have to fail much; their natural talents kept them at the head of the class.

This teaches a very bad, very false lesson: that success in work mostly depends on natural talent. Unfortunately, when you are a professional writer, you are competing with all the other kids who were at the top of their English classes. Your stuff may not—indeed, probably won’t—be the best anymore.

If you’ve spent most of your life cruising ahead on natural ability, doing what came easily and quickly, every word you write becomes a test of just how much ability you have, every article a referendum on how good a writer you are. As long as you have not written that article, that speech, that novel, it could still be good. Before you take to the keys, you are Proust and Oscar Wilde and George Orwell all rolled up into one delicious package. By the time you’re finished, you’re more like one of those 1940’s pulp hacks who strung hundred-page paragraphs together with semicolons because it was too much effort to figure out where the sentence should end.

Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators - Megan McArdle - The Atlantic

The Why Writing Is So Hard field of psychology is very interesting to me.

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I think I’d read this before, but this part just grabbed me:

“The kids who race ahead in the readers without much supervision get praised for being smart,” says Dweck. “What are they learning? They’re learning that being smart is not about overcoming tough challenges. It’s about finding work easy. When they get to college or graduate school and it starts being hard, they don’t necessarily know how to deal with that.”

That was me, through and through, and I’m not even a millenial.

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"This fear of being unmasked as the incompetent you “really” are is so common that it actually has a clinical name: impostor syndrome. A shocking number of successful people (particularly women), believe that they haven’t really earned their spots, and are at risk of being unmasked as frauds at any moment…"

= OMG that’s ME!! 😱

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alex licking his lips after emma kisses him (◕‿◕✿)

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<3 Accident or choreographed I love how their heads and her arm create a heart shape. <3

<3 Accident or choreographed I love how their heads and her arm create a heart shape. <3

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That escalated way too fucking quickly.


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Official petition for Emma Approved Season 2

For all those who agree that one season is not enough and who just cannot say goodbye to these characters just yet.

Please reblog and remember to tag!

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Reblog this if you are a fan of Marvel’s the Avengers


The URLs will be given to Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson in an Avengers notebook when they film in Cleveland.


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